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Gerry Gerken
41 Bridge St., West Falls NY 14170
(716) 652-4741

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Gerry Gerken has been doing masonry and concrete work for over 30 years. Learning the trade from Russell J. Moist, a mason contractor from Orchard Park, he started his own business when Russ retired in 1987.

Gerry has worked for Bill Schadle Remodeling from Boston NY, Scott Humphrey Contractors and Resi Con Pulumbo from Orchard Park. He has also worked closely with H. J. Hager & Sons in East Aurora NY.

With his vast experience and wealth of knowledge in the Masonry and Concrete industries, Gerry is the perfect solution for all your needs.

Please view our testimonials page for more reviews of Gerry's excellent work and reputation. And feel free to call us for a no-cost estimate.

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  • Gerry Gerken
    41 Bridge St., West Falls NY 14170
    (716) 652-4741

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