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Gerry Gerken
41 Bridge St., West Falls NY 14170
(716) 652-4741

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Gerry - Thanks for what I hear is a very nice job on the front porch. I appreciate you getting us into your schedule. I will be happy to be a reference for you if you should need one!!
Jerry G., Telluride CO

Gerry - We are so pleased with the look of the stone. You did a great job! (That's why I hired YOU.) They look beautiful! Put your signs out when you are doing a job, good free advertising!
Art B., Derby NY

Gerry - Great job! Thanks for all.
Mike B., Orchard Park

Dear Gerry - Enclosed is my check for the brick work on the front stoop of the house. The stoop and steps look very nice. Thank you for a good job!
Fred T., Orchard Park

Thank you Gerry - Great job!!
Claudia R., Orchard Park

Dear Gerry - Enclosed is payment for the chimney repairs. It looks wonderful. We are very pleased. Many thanks!
Jim & Sheila W.

Gerry - Both jobs look great!! Thanks for such nice work.
Rolfe S., Orchard Park

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  • Gerry Gerken
    41 Bridge St., West Falls NY 14170
    (716) 652-4741

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